Most Visited Sylhet Newspapers 2024

Habiganj, Moulvibazar, Sunamganj, and The Great Sylhet are the four regions of Sylhet. Every region has its newspaper, which is published in both Bangla and English. All of them are referred to as Bangladesh newspapers, Sylhet newspapers, Sylhet Online News, or Sylhet Online Newspapers.

Sylhet Newspapers । List of All Online Sylhet News Portal

Bangladesh’s Sylhet Newspapers is located in the northwestern part of the country. It’s a picturesque location. During the liberation era, it was recognized as the Jalalabad district of Pakistan. It was once a section of the Chittagong division. In the year 1995, the city was split into two divisions. Sylhet is a lovely town with a tea plantation, a hilltop, and a waterfall. Sylhet has a total size of 12,298.4 km2. As per Google, the population is 1,210,232.

Sylhet is one of the eight divisions in Bangladesh. Sylhet is one of Bangladesh’s most calm and important cities. It is known as the London City of Bangladesh because of the luxurious lifestyle and the higher number of duplex houses compared to other areas!


The most prominent streaming news site in the Sylhet division is Sylhetview24. The site is highly active, and it publishes a variety of news regularly. Sylhet View brings you daily news from Sylhet. The globe, sports, ICT, Others, Free Speech, Job News BD, LifeStyle, and Video News are all covered.

Daily Sylhet

Daily Sylhet is another renowned Sylhet E-newspaper publication. From the year 2011, the daily sylhet began its journey. The major newspaper in Sylhet District and Division is DailySylhet. In Sylhet, this publication is quite valuable. Because it broadcasts all of Sylhet Division’s inseparable district news! There are also other categories such as foreign, Sylhet division, exclusive news, sports, and so forth.

Daily Khowai

Habiganj’s most popular printed newspaper is the Daily Khowai. “Khowai” is the Bengali word for it. Habiganj’s most popular newspaper is Dhowai Newspapers. Habiganj Sylhet was the subject of news in the press. On Facebook, it has a group named Dainik Pathak Forum.

Sylheter sokal

Another news source from Sylhet is Sylheter Sokal. This page contains local journalism from Sylhet. Consider how different a newspaper with the name Sylheter Sokal would be! Indeed, this news site offers a variety of Sylhet’s first newspapers. This is a regular online publication.

Sylheter Dak

Daily Sylheter Dak is the most widely circulated regional daily print newspaper in Syhlet. Readers may also get a free epaper [online version of a physical copy] Sylheter Dak is a Sylhet-based daily newspaper. This publication carried news on Sylhet politics, ecology, health, economy, and other topics. Theology, athletics, and foreign news are also covered.

Samachar Habiganj

Habiganj Samachar is another well-known print news publication based in Habiganj. Habiganj Samachar is a daily published newspaper published in Sylhet’s tea city of Habiganj. Habiganj News was used to create this publication. Amader Sylhet

Dainik Sylhet

Dainik Sylhet is a daily newspaper published in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Dainik Sylhet is a daily newspaper published in Sylhet, Bangladesh. This newspaper has sections for global, poetry, national headlines, Religion, sport, and international media.

Daily Kazirbazars

Kazirbazar is a widely circulated newspaper. This daily covers all of Sylhet and offers news on the economy, schooling, culture, technology and engineering, and recreation.