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Bangladesh's information technology industry began with nuclear research in the 1960s. Throughout the next twenty years, big Bangladeshi enterprises extended their usage of computers, primarily IBM mainframe systems. Yet, the industry did not receive much attention until the 1990s. Today, the industry is still in its infancy, but it can evolve.

Bangla Tech Sites । List of All Bangladeshi Tech News Portal

The Bangla Tech Sites we live in now has a significant impact on teaching and learning. Furthermore, the e-learning platform has made our educational lives easier. The websites included in this article provide you with the chance to study via the web. Expand your knowledge by staying tuned with us


Techtunes is a social media platform dedicated to research and technology. Mehedi Hasan Arif established the platform on February 21, 2008.

In Bangladesh, Techtunes has revolutionized the online and internet lifestyle. Techtunes has built the country’s greatest, most devoted, and most skilled community. Techtunes is the most popular Bangla social media platform not only in Bangladesh but around the entire globe.


BizTech is an electronic quarterly journal established in the United States that focuses on Bangladesh tech news within corporations and charitable organizations in the United States. BizTech investigates the intersection of innovation and marketing, with an emphasis on innovations used by U.S. firms to generate performance and profitability.

Datacenter installations, cybercrime, enhanced interaction, and digital workplace technologies, cloud technologies, networking technologies, and other issues related to company digitalization are regularly covered in the journal.

Somewhere Inblog

Somewhere Inblog is a Bangla tech portal that may be found anywhere in a blog (also known as Samu). The blog’s motto is “Voice of Breaking through Obstacles.” It is the nation’s leading network of Bengali bloggers and the very first public blogging service in Bengali, having launched in 2005. For active members, it offers free weblog posting. Membership is not required to view blogs uploaded on the site. To publish or comment on a post, you must first register.


Mukto-Mona is a fundamentalist, atheist, and theistic evolutionist blog in Bengali. Avijit Roy, who was assassinated by extremists in Dhaka, Bangladesh, created it. The assailants are thought to be Ansarullah Bangla Team members. Mukto-Mona, which translates as “freethinkers” in Bengali, was formed in Atlanta, Georgia, by Bangladeshi-American libertarian blogger Avijit Roy. Fundamentalists in Bangladesh have attacked and assassinated a handful of atheist journalists connected with Muto-Mona.


TunerPage was tied for third across all Bengali blogs throughout the globe by Alexa Rank in 2015. It was the second-largest Bangla technology blog in the world. The TunerPage has around 2 lakh registered users, 1.5 lakh online followers, and a Fan page with roughly 1 lakh prominent users.

TunerPage allows users to post their technological expertise with others Even if you are a non-technical person, you may write about technology on the tuner page with your poetry, tales, music, and whatever else you choose.