Phonetic Typing Keyboard and Bangla Typing | ফোনেটিক কীবোর্ড

Phonetic Keyboards added a new layer to typing. For a complex language like Bangla, it is a blessing. Phonetic Bangla Keyboards are getting much popularity day by day. With a much easier and similar sounded key-matching layout corresponded to the Bangla alphabets made Bangla writing much more comfortable even for a new user or a person who is not familiar with Bengali alphabets. With a bit of practice, one can smoothly write faster and appropriately with it. But again, you may find several installable or attachable software or tool of Phonetic Keyboard, but none of them will be as much flexible as our website.

Our online Phonetic Keyboard lets you type Bangla through any keyboard without grabbing a single megabyte of your device’s memory! This website is the fastest and easiest way to deal with smooth Bangla font anytime any place. Since it is an online-based keyboard, it works just fine even in a low-configure device. You just have to do is jump into our website, select “Phonetic Keyboard” and start typing in the box. On top of that, with our specified keyboard mapping, you can easily compare your English key layout with the corresponded Bangla alphabets.

Getting the text from our website is also effortless. You can simply copy the whole writing when you finish typing. Then you can paste your Bangla content anywhere you need and use it.

Phonetic keyboard Online

Phonetic keyboard is great for users who are not used to Bangla writing with keyboards. It’s very easy and relatable Bangla formation makes writing Bangla straightforward. Like Avro, you also don’t have to install or download anything to effortlessly write Bangla. Get an easy, simple, and struggle-free Bangla writing experience with it!