Most Visited Rajshahi Newspapers 2024

Newspapers play a significant part in our everyday lives. Its function as a spokesman for the achievement of a nation's liberties is not confined to headlines; the newspaper has evolved into a launching pad to intellectual growth, one of the means of enjoyment, and a springboard to intellectual growth.

Because there are hundreds of government-approved BD news media outlets, Bangladesh newspapers are now playing a critical role in the dissemination of news and information.

Rajshahi Newspapers । List of All Rajshahi News Portal

Bangladeshi newspapers played an important role in the independence struggle. In addition, the We’ve compiled a List of All Rajshahi Newspapers. Get the newest bangla news updates 24 hours, 7 days a week from the Rajshahi newspapers. News media has played an important part in Bangladesh’s economic and social development, academic conditions, political conflict, and the COVID-19 epidemic, among other things.

The very first regular Bengali newspaper was published by Ishwar Chandra Gupta’s ‘Sambad Prabhakar.’ In 1831, Sambad Prabhakar had first been issued as a weekly, then as a daily in 1839.

East Bengal launched the first weekly Bangla newspaper, ‘Rangpur Battabah,’ in 1848. Kalichandra Roy Chowdhury, a passionate zamindar of Kundri Pargana, Rangpur District, provided funding for the publication of this publication monthly.

Let’s browse through some of the greatest and most popular bangla local newspaper in rajshahi today. Most of these periodicals are issued daily, while others are only available online.

Rajshahi News24

Rajshahi News 24 is an online media portal that publishes news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in categories such as All Rajshahi, Regional, Global, Political, Culture, Sports, and more.

Chapainawabganj News

Chapainawabganj News is a Chapainawabganj-based newspaper. Natore, Sibganj, Gomostapur, Volahat, Daily Image, and Online Content News are all covered.

Rajshahi Express

The finest publication in Rajshahi is the Rajshahi Express, which covers every local publication separately. Even all foreign events are covered.

Sonali Sangbad

In Rajshahi, Sonali Sangbad publishes a daily paper. Rajshahi News, Outside of Rajshahi, Foreign, Events, and Editorial Column are some of the genres in which it publishes news.

Daily Sunshine

Daily Sunshine is a Rajshahi-based online Bangla newspaper. Within this region, it’s a well-known publication. It offers some one-of-a-kind Bangladesh news by genre. Entertainment, University, Bangladesh Politics, Government, National Media, Music, and many others are among the topics covered. It has been serving as Rajshahi’s daily newspaper for a while now. Naogaon, Natore, Chapai Nawabganj, Pabna, and Bogra are among the districts served by this publication.


This is one of the most frequently read Rajshahi newspapers, issued in the Bangladeshi city of Rajshahi.


Bangladesh’s Padma River is large. Padma News, sometimes known as River Padma News, is a news organization. This newspaper publishes news in Rajshahi and publishes it digitally. Padma Newspaper publishes Radio Padma. You may listen to Radio Padma on the Padma Newspaper’s website.