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Bijoy to Unicode is the most popular Bengali writing tool and is used by millions. Though it was published decades back, most Bengali writers still like and use it as a primary writing tool for Bangla. But Bijoy uses ANSI (American National Standards Institute) coding for generating Bengali fonts. ANSI is quite an old-style character code and for that, Bijoy fonts are referred to as an old Bangla font. Most modern devices, apps, and websites don’t support these character codes and require Unicode-based Bangla fonts.

The converter is a free, open-source Bengalis Font Conversion software. Bangla Converter can easily and effectively present Bangla languages to any web browser. As Bengali authors, journalists, and Editors of News usually write news articles with Bijoy font. But Bijoy Bangla fonts do not look good. So the user has to use Unicode to display font designs and font layouts in the most advanced ways. The free tool helps convert Bijoy into Unicode. It is the most frequently used converter for converting any readable text from Bijoy to Unicode. It is necessary to ensure that Bijoy doesn’t encrypt the Web content because of the non-Unicode code.

Bijoy To Unidoe Bangla Converter

By using this website, you can easily convert your Bijoy writings into Unicode language form. So your writing supports today’s web pages and modern software. Converting Bijoy to Unicode was not this simpler before! The only thing you have to do is to copy your Bijoy Bangla writing and paste it into the box named “Bijoy” of the converter or you can directly write in the box with the Bijoy keyboard. Hit the convert button and it will convert your Bijoy writings into Unicode form in the blink of an eye. Copy the converted text and use it in any modern webpage or other areas you need and you won’t find issues anywhere with it. Use the exact same form of article or writing in any place of websites or apps. This website lets you comfortably write Bangla content in your Bijoy font so you won’t have to struggle writing on any other Bangla keyboard that feels new to you. All you have to do is to convert your writings from Bijoy to Unicode for once and you are away from any hassle.

How to Convert Bijoy to Unicode:

There are several translators available that will take your input ANSI (Bijoy) codes and translate the language to Unicode.

Bijoy to Unicode Text Converter

To do so, merely follow these instructions:

1. Firstly, copy the Bijoy text fonts
2. Next, post them in the empty box
3. Finally, select the Bijoy to Unicode button on any translator
4. The Bijoy content will be translated into Unicode in a fraction of a second.
5. At last, the transformed text or typeface will appear in the next empty box.


Sitting and watching how many of us utilize Unicode tools to create our language illustrates the degree to which Unicode has changed our lives to be simpler. Ridmik keyboard, Bangla typing, Avro converter, and other software have opened up a new world of possibilities. The advantage of to composing Bengali, we may utilize our instincts on our keyboards. When we type Bangla words in English, they are transformed to decent English or other languages.

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