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Job portals, often known as job boards, are websites where you may post job openings and look for applications. They are an important element of nearly any recruiting process, and good use of them will result in quality applicants at an affordable price.

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COVID-19 has a wide range of effects that are hurting the world economy. Daily thousands of individuals lose their jobs or face wage cuts as a result of persistent pandemic unavoidable disruptions. Don’t become discouraged if you’re temporarily economically inactive. To learn about the finest job-searching portals in Bangladesh and some of the best Bangladeshi job sites, check this page.


Bdjobs Ltd. is Bangladesh’s first and one of the best job posting sites for an employer. On July 1, 2000, eight young marketing and IT professionals with a solid grasp of e-business and a thorough awareness of the interests of job searchers and recruiters in the context of the country launched this enterprise.

The portal constantly refreshes employment information (in general, well over 2500 legitimate job announcements are posted at any given time), and allows job searchers to upload resumes and apply online. And over 25,000 companies in Bangladesh have used the platform to hire and over 3, 50,000 experts at varying tiers for their businesses.

The site attempts to take benefit of its platform in every way. They constantly upgrade their service to assist job searchers in better managing their careers. This site will also assist companies in resolving many of the issues that come with traditional recruitment techniques, as well as reducing costs. The Chairman is Ahmad Islam Muqsit, while the Chief Executive Officer is A.K.M Fahim Mashroor (CEO).


Bikroy Jobs was founded in 2012 and features sections dedicated to individual and commercial ads for automobiles and transportation, real estate, gadgets, domestic appliances and personal belongings, sports and hobby products, and employment, among other things. Serves as a formal news conference in Dhaka on October 18, 2012, the location was brought to the attention of the local news media.

Saltside Technologies, a worldwide IT business, owns Bikroy. Saltside Technologies is a last-stage venture-backed business located in Sweden, with US$65 million in financing as of January 2015. Additionally, to in Bangladesh, Saltside Technologies has created featured portals such as in Ghana and Ikman in Sri Lanka.

In May 2016, Bikroy announced subscription facilities, allowing users to get their special section with corporate data, pictures, and all of their ads. Subscribers may publish a higher proportion of advertising and enjoy additional advertising, shop badges, business cards, and support from a trained team via various subscription bundles.


This portal is among the best sites for jobs. It contains a complete and up-to-date listing of job openings in Bangladesh. Free job postings, professional opportunities, and openings in Bangladesh. All Bangladeshi Job Openings, NGO Job Openings in Bangladesh, and UN Job Openings in Dhaka are available on this website. Jobsinbd