Most Visited Bangladesh News Agencies 2024

Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS) is in charge of mainstream news, which includes public works, international issues, social-economic events, business, banking, athletics, entertainment, legal, and legislative relations. The BSS news service is used by newspapers across the country, radio and television stations, and certain government institutions.

  • Bangladesh National News Agency (BSS)

    Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha is Bangladesh's national news agency and was established on January 1, 1972, by government order soon after its independence from Pakistan. Abul Kalam Azad is the current managing director and chief editor of the agency

  • Press Bangla Agency

    PBA (A Concern of World Press Ltd.) is one of the country’s leading premier photo news agency.

  • Eastern News Agency (ENA)

    Eastern News Agency, founded in March 1970, was Bangladesh's earliest privately run news organization. The public praised the authority for its participation during the turbulent years of 1970-71. As a result, it attracted the fury of Pakistan's military government in 1971, and the institution's activities were halted for the duration of the War Of liberation. In 1972, its activities were restarted.

    It was shut down at the beginning of the 1990s due to financial difficulties. ENA now only has a presence in the United States, where it primarily serves Bangla publications.

  • Bangladesh News Network (NNB)

    Bangladesh News Network is another private Bangladeshi news agency. News Network sees a country in which residents are aware of their rights, have access to freedom of speech, respect for human dignity, and non - discrimination, and where the press is autonomous.

    It supports democracy, media freedom, civil rights, and the right to information, as well as assisting media professionals in improving their abilities and encouraging and equipping women to pursue careers in media.

  • United News Of Bangladesh (UNB)

    United News of Bangladesh is a private media organization founded in January 1988 with the Associated Press (AP) of the USA as its primary lead. UNB receives news from a broad array of reporters as well as reports from global counterparts.

    UNB also has a highlight program dedicated to various reports, analysis, and in-depth examinations of critical milestones, events, and challenges, supplementary to the news service.

  • Banglar Chokh

    Banglar chokh is among the BSS subject list in Bangladesh. It is a reputable and well-known media and photo agency. They give up-to-date information and photos in a variety of areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They provide Bangla speakers with unbiased and accurate news on a real-time basis.

List of All Bangladesh News Agencies and Online News Portals

Bangladesh has two main news agencies: one that is government-owned and mostly serves the party, and the other that is privately owned and takes a neutral stance. The state news agency Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS), which was founded in 1972, becomes a megaphone for the ruling parties.

BSS’s corporate news source, which includes international exchange and market rates, is subscribed to by banks and business organizations.

It is affiliated with the Ministry of Information and is led by a chief operating officer writer, with an executive board overseeing the agency’s overall vision and operation.

Focus Bangla

Rainbow Productions Ltd owns Focus Bangla (previously known as NE Bangla), a Bangla-speaking 24-hour news program that debuted in 2004. The upcoming launch of Focus Bangla will herald a new era of unparalleled and required Bengali-language content developed and delivered from Agartala and Kolkata.

Focus Bangla is offering neutral and trustworthy news in live time to Bangla speakers. In addition to West Bengal news, the station broadcasts regional and global events, ensuring viewers are updated in a globally linked world.