Most Visited Indian Bangla Newspapers 2024

Daily, a large number of Indian Bengali newspapers are issued. The majority of Indian newsreaders currently choose to follow the news online. Bangladeshis are also highly inclined to read Indian newspapers in Bangla. As a result, the proportion of Indian Bengali newsreaders (Kolkata) in Bangladesh and throughout the world is steadily rising.

Indian Bangla Newspaper । List of All Kolkata News Portals

Kolkata newspaper are recognized in India as Indian Bangla newspaper. A massive percentage of Kolkata newspapers and Kolkata publications are printed in Kolkata. The majority of Indian Bangla newspapers are issued in West Bengal and Assam.

All Bangla Newspapers have compiled a list of Bengali newspapers published in India. This information is based on a survey conducted and is based on a globally accepted yearly survey dispersion. With a yearly response rate of over 2.56 lakh people, the Government may be the world’s largest ongoing audience research.


Aajkaal is a popular Kolkata Bengal newspaper published in Kolkata, India. Aajkaal is a Kolkata-based newspaper that has been around for a long time. Kolkata, Siliguri, and Tripura are among the cities where this daily is distributed. In 1981, they began their adventure. This publication was founded by Abhik Kumar Ghosh. This newspaper was widely distributed across Kolkata. This newspaper is read by both Bengali and non-Bengali readers continuously. Ashok Dasgupta is the current editor of this well-known publication.


The Daily Bartaman Patrika was issued by Bartaman Private Limited in Kolkata. In Kolkata, the E-Bangla Bartaman a well-known publication. Bartaman is the second most widely distributed Bengali newspaper in India, after Anandabazar. It was regularly featured in towns such as Burdwan, Siliguri, and Midnapore.

Daily, the Bartaman newspaper processes around 669,758 million pages. Bartaman Patrika has been publishing since 1984. This newspaper’s copyholder subsequently becomes Subha Dutta. Since 2002, this newspaper has published an online edition frequently.

Uttarbanga Sambad

A Bengali newspaper called Uttarbanga Sambad is published. On May 19, 1980, they embarked on their adventure. This newspaper’s editor is Suhas Chandra Talukder. It has nearly 2.0 million daily viewers.


On September 17, 2012, Ebela began its adventure. It is Anandabazar Patrika’s sister publication. “Ebela” is ABP Group’s first Bengali newspaper in Kolkata, 9 decades after the launch of Anandabazar Patrika.

This online Bangla newspaper is divided into three sections. The main part has a 12-page news segment with changes in political news. The second portion is dedicated to business. The last one is purely for amusement. This newspaper won an award for the finest media young brand in India. This newspaper is read by 4 lakh Indians every day.


Ganashakti is a prominent Kolkata-based Bengali daily newspaper. They started their journey in 1967. It was initially published as a nighttime newspaper. It was, ultimately, finally turned into a full-fledged publication. This newspaper was issued in Kolkata, Durgapur, and Siliguri. The Ganashakti newspaper is read by 2, 30,000 people every day. Their present editor is Avik Dutta.

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