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Regional newspapers are well-liked all around the nation. The newspapers are all early morning edition and have online copies, available globally.

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Regional Newspapers । List of All Division News Portals

In Bangladesh newspapers are compiled and published in both Bengali and English. There are two types of Regional Newspapers : broadsheet newspapers and tabloid newspapers. All newspapers are published in the daytime; there are no evening publications. Most publications now produce an online edition as a result of the digitalization process.


The Azadi is a Bangladeshi regional daily newspaper based in Chittagong. On September 5, 1960, The Azadi had first been issued. The publication was pro-democracy and endorsed several East Pakistan secession initiatives. The Pakistani government placed it on a year-long ban and barred it from accepting public advertisements. Even during Bangladesh Liberation War, it ceased operating for 3 months.

Dainik Purbokone

The Dainik Purbokone is a Bangladeshi newspaper and one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Chittagong. In 1986, the publication was established. Per the figures released by the Ministries of Information’s Department of Films and Publications, on August 28, 2019, it had the highest sales among the national newspapers released from Chittagong, with 62,100 copies. Purbokone was named the outstanding daily in a 1994 review by the Bangladesh Press Institute.

Daily Sylheter Dak

The Daily Sylheter Dak is a regional newspaper in Bangladesh printed in Bangla and released from Sylhet. The newspaper is Sylhet’s most extensively read daily newspaper, having been published for more than 30 years. Bangladesh Media (UK) Ltd initially published The Weekly Sylheter Dak, a London-based weekly, on September 29, 1996.

Daily Jugantor

The Daily Jugantor is one of the leading local newspaper in Bangladesh. Jamuna Printing and Publishing Ltd., which was founded in 1999, prints and publishes daily, while Jamuna Media Ltd. oversees management operations. Saiful Alam is the editor of this publication, while Salma Islam is the publisher. “Sotter Sondhane Nirveek” was the motto of the Daily Jugantor when it first appeared on February 1, 2000. The Jamuna Group owns the newspaper, which is one of Bangladesh’s most prominent Bengali language publications.

Daily Karatoa

Daily Karatoa is one of the most widely circulated local newspapers in Dhaka and the Bogra District. This is a national newspaper that is issued every day. This website also delivers a variety of amusing news updates, as well as national and worldwide news updates, in conjunction with local news. It gained people’s hearts by providing accurate, trustworthy news, as well as distinctive features and a large library. Local media, weather reports, regional sports information, nation news, global news, economic and monetary news, market information, leisure news, academic news, business, daily suggestions, and IT news are among the several types of news.

Meherpur Pratidin

Meherpur Pratidin is a top regional newspaper that publishes breaking news in the fields of politics, economics, innovation, global, culture, athletics, health, and corruption 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On April 3, 2018, Meherpur Pratidin debuted as an independent newspaper and online news site in Meherpur’s media landscape. Meherpur Pratidin is dedicated to sharing the most recent and relevant news instantaneously or as fast as feasible. Meherpur Pratidin also broadcasts online streams on Facebook and YouTube. We get news and information from sources as well as secondary sources such as other regional, nationwide, and worldwide publications.