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The Division of Mymensingh was established in 2015. Previously, it was part of the Dhaka Division's northern portion. Mymensingh Division's capital is Mymensingh. It covers 10,485 square kilometers and has a density of 11,370,000 people

For over a decade, Mymensingh also produced Chandrakash, a women's magazine. Dainik Ajker Bangladesh and Dainik Ajker Khabar were two additional publications that were issued.

Mymensingh Newspapers । List of All Mymensingh News Portal

Newspapers Mymensingh have an ancient legacy in Mymensingh. During the imperial British Regime, Bharat Mihir was one of the earliest daily newspapers in Mymensingh. Following Bangladesh’s liberation in 1971, Mymensingh became the home to a slew of daily and weekly publications. In 1972, Banglar Darpan, a weekly newspaper, was first published. Banglar Darpan was transformed into Dainik Jahan, a daily newspaper, in 1979.


Loklokantor was released on November 26, 2014. Mymensingh is the home of this publication. It is one of the most widely published daily newspapers in Mymensingh, including one of the top Bengali language publications in Bangladesh’s northern region. Aminul Hasan is the current chief editor, while Khadija Begum is the publisher.

Alokito Mymensingh 24

Mymensingh-based Alokito Mymensingh 24 is a well-known online Bangla newspaper. Alokito Mymensingh 24 covers a wide range of topics, including domestic, global, political, literary, finance, stock exchange, economics, agribusiness, and much more.

Prodip Vhoumik is the current editor, while Alhaz Aminul Haque Shamim is the current publisher.

Ajker Jamalpur

Ajker Jamalpur is a daily newspaper published in Jamalpur, Bangladesh. Ajker Jamalpur is based in Jamalpur, one of Mymensingh Division’s towns. This newspaper is available in both print and electronic formats.

This publication has the most up-to-date information on arts, government, global, commerce, research, tech, athletics, films, employment, features, and much more. M. A. Jolil is the editor. is the e-mail address for contacting the publication. Visit their official website Ajker Jamalpur Daily to discover an online edition of the publication.

Mymensingh Pratidin

Mymensingh Pratidin is Mymensingh’s most frequently read online Bangla daily. Mymensingh Pratidin has a significant following among readers because of his dependability, integrity, and originality. Nur Alam is their current editor and publisher.

Ajker Mymensingh

Ajker Mymensingh is a well-known Mymensingh-based online Bangla daily. Domestic Nationwide, Government, Global, Foreign Affairs, and so on are some of Ajker Mymensingh’s most notable features. Shah Hasnat Ali, the publication’s current editor and publisher.