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Bengali Magazine is perhaps the most widely circulated Bengali publication in Bangladesh and around the globe. Bangla is the world's fourth most common form of communication. As a result, when online users are looking for publications to peruse, Magazines of Bangladesh is at the top of their choice.

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A magazine is a wellspring of data, and it also provides up-to-date content in the form of a booklet to a wide range of individuals. To those living overseas, a magazine can emphasize the most current important revisions in a summary of a publication. It is the nation’s storyteller. Bangladesh newspapers provide the initial impression of Bangladesh to outsiders and residents from other nations, while Bangladesh Magazine serves as the second eye.

In Bangladesh, magazines became popular since the Bangla newspapers started their journey. Due to enhanced color and visual appeal, they rapidly gained popularity among all age group.

Since the beginning of the Bangla publications, magazines have grown in popularity in Bangladesh. Magazines are often reserved to be read later after a newspaper reading session is completed due to their improved contrast and aesthetic attractiveness.

Kishor Alo

Kishor Alo is the best-selling, monthly Bangla magazine book. This publication appeals to a wide range of people, but it is particularly common with teenagers. It is by far the most loved youth magazines in Bangladesh.


Anannya Magazine is a female-oriented biweekly magazine published in Bangladesh that first appeared in 1989. Their headquarters are located in Karwan Bazar, Dhaka, the heart of the country. Tasmima Islam is the editor-in-chief of Anannya Magazine, which publishes articles on tourism, feminist rights, art, recipes, lifestyles, women’s business, and other themes. This publication is among the most prominent fashion magazine in Bangladesh.

Kali O Kalam

You may visit Kali O Kalam if you want to learn more about Bangla poetry, writers, and artists. It is a Bangladeshi literary journal that is issued monthly. It informs younger audiences about artistic abilities.

Dhaka courier

Bangladesh’s Dhaka courier is among the English magazines in Bangladesh .Commentaries, politics, articles, discussions, legislation, economy, culture, nature, community, overseas, music and art & critiques, leisure, athletics, research, technology, tourism, Poetry, and much more are all covered.

This magazine focuses on Kishor-Kishore, a simple Bangla language character. However, most other individuals, including the elderly, purchase a copy of the magazine to enjoy and spend their free time with something unique to them. KishorAlo is also available on the internet!

Anadndo Alo

Impress Telefilm Publications publishes one of Bangladesh’s leading Bangla Fortnightly Popular Entertainment, Unique, Television, Cuisine, and Lifestyle Magazines. This publication is well-known for its regular updates and distinctive Bangla news the copy is published through ePaper and electronic platforms


Canvas is a well-known publication in Bangladesh. Clothing, cosmetics, cuisine, lifestyles, trending events, Zoroastrianism, and editorial are all topics they discuss. The vibrant panels with a wealth of data on showbiz and Bangladeshi media attract readers, and is one of the outstanding Bangla literature magazine.